Prime movers require regular maintenance to meet the expectations in terms of performance and reliability. The challenge during the preventive maintenance is the availability of the spare parts.

Methania Energy Services is committed to supply Engine and compressors Components and Spare Parts for all common equipment. Acting as an independent specialist, we are in a position to provide OEM spare parts as well Methania Certified spare parts.
Our spare parts are always related to a service agreement with our customer, in this case our team will prepare individual spare part kits according to your own service schedule. This ensures high operational safety of your plant.

What is an OEM part?

OEM Stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Most of the equipment manufacturers, like engines, compressors and other industrial equipment ensure the spare parts supply for the equipment. OEM bind the end user to a single source supplier with a Warranty of 12 months from delivery.

What is a Methania certified item?

Methania Certified items are fully compatible, top quality alternative spare parts for your equipment. We propose the same quality as OEM with more advantages. Our Methania Certified Items are more competitive, available, with a guarantee up to 12 months and replaceable in only 48 hours.