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Whether it is heating or cooling you require Methania can assist you with your power generation needs. Methania is able to provide with the design, engineering, transport, construction, mounting, installation, commissioning, testing and delivery of a combined power plant.

  • Engineering

    Our combined power application engineers are on hand to assess each individual site to identify project viability. From initial feasibility studies to comprehensive site surveys they are able to identify what is required for each specific site and to recommend a system that will meet its needs.

    Our design team prepares detailed design drawings identifying site interfacing and plant room access considerations before the project is taken to site.

  • Supply

    Methania offer the most adapted and efficient technical solution for your combined power plant. A range of system components is proposed that are perfectly tailored to your needs including:

    • Genset modules,
    • Heat recovery systems,
    • Oxidization catalyst,
    • Sound enclosure,
    • Silencer,
    • Additional external oil system
    • Gas preparation
    • Gas compression
    • External cooling system
    • Container
    • Gas train
    • Gas safety equipment (including general gas safety concept)
  • Project Management

    A project manager is appointed to each project, with the responsibility of producing and then implementing a detailed package of information, typically consisting of:

    • Project specific scope of works, design and specification for the works.
    • Programme of works
    • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manuals

    Methania provide with the complete solution adapted to the customer needs and handle the installation process with our experienced installation team.

  • Commissioning

    Upon completion of the installation, the project manager will arrange for the system to under go ‘Pre-commissioning’ and ‘Final Commissioning’ in conjunction with the Distribution Network Operator.